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Translated from the Greek by the Holy Transfiguation Monastery This prayer book provides a more liturgical rule that still works on a personal (individual) level. However, like the Jordanville volume, this book includes excerpts from It is a basic collection of morning, evening, and daily prayers for various occasions.

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The project is planned to be completed in the III quarter of The event is held in order to develop intercultural relations among creative youth. More than 20 ceramists from around the world were invited to the open air. The creative works of the representatives of the sister city were awarded by honorary awards and will be exhibited in the art museum and other exhibition venues of Bobruisk. The city improvement The services of the city of Beziers in the city improvement follow the concept of environmental friendliness and profitability.

So huge bright pool tables painted in bright colors, games for leisure of children and others were installed in the areas of the sister city. The spaces inside circular city crossroads were decorated with picturesque installations made from old-fashioned shades, lighting poles, tree trunks, metal barrels. The acquisition of electric vehicles Members of the city council of the sister city of Des Moines decided to purchase four electric vehicles in early A hybrid vehicle fleet already exists in the city, these models will be the first, which will be full operated from electricity.

The transition to electric cars is one of the modern solutions aimed at protecting the environment, the implementation of the plan on planet climatic conditions improvement. The landscaping of the city A special variety of sweet peach, bearing fruit in the autumn and winter is grown in the greenhouse farm of the sister city of Zhenjiang. Seedlings were imported from Mongolia.

After months of careful grafting and cultivation, more than , trees were planted in the streets and parks of the sister city. The trolleybus system This year, the trolleybus park of the sister-city of Yerevan marks the anniversary date — the 70th anniversary of its founding. In the capital of the Republic of Armenia, much attention is paid to the development of this environmentally friendly mode of transport. The mayor of Yerevan expressed hope that after the development of new route networks in the city, trolleybuses will meet all the modern requirements of the 21st century. The launch of the metro The first metro line will be launched in the sister city of Changzhou at the end of September this year.

At first, the movement will be in test mode. A transport artery will connect the northern and southern parts of the city. In total, it is planned to put into operation 29 metro stations. The Feria The traditional Feria holiday is celebrated in the sister city of Beziers in the period from August 14 and 18, The theatrical processions, parades of brass bands and folk groups will take place. The various attractions, exhibitions of books and autographs of famous people include to the program of the event. Residents of Beziers and guests of the sister city will be able to take part in the festival of flamenco and traditional folk dances.

The development of recommendations for urban space planning New recommendations for urban space planning and zoning are being developed in the sister city of Des Moines. The design of new and development of existing urban areas, taking into account the creation of a convenient transport system are the priority.

It is also planned to remove the restriction on the minimum size of the occupied territory for private households. The rescue teams teaching In connection with the increase of natural disasters in recent years due to natural disasters and climate change, it was decided to organize joint exercises of Zhenjiang and Changzhou rescue teams on the Yangtze River. Specialists worked out coherence of actions to inform, assist the population and eliminate the consequences of emergency situations.

The comprehensive elevator replacement program A comprehensive program on replacement elevators in multi-apartment residential buildings is being implemented in the city of Yerevan. It is planned to install 3, new elevators over four years. Additional financial resources were allocated for the repair of the existing elevator facilities. The participation in the Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Over 50 projects of the sister city of Changzhou took part in the regional Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

The five most promising projects, including the development of early warning in case of fire, location during emergency rescue operations, monitoring the movement of high-speed rail transport, as well as the use of the latest technologies in industry, will be presented in the final, which will be held in Nanjing. The winners will receive cash prizes, as well as a grant for the implementation of the project in Jiangsu. More than 4 thousand works of photographers from forty countries of the world have been announced for participation in the contest. The best photos will be awarded with diplomas and memorable awards.

Artists performed Russian and Ukrainian folk songs, presented national dances and choreographic compositions. The performance of folk groups had a great success. The construction of a fire station In order to improve public safety and modernize infrastructure construction of a fire station is currently underway in the city of Des Moines. It is estimated that the new fire station, located in a rapidly developing area in the northeast of the sister city, will serve more than a thousand residents. Construction work is planned to be completed in the first half of The National Fitness Day A series of events, dedicated to the 11th National Fitness Day took place in the sister city of Zhenjiang in the period from August 04 to 08, The event was attended by professional instructors, fitness experts, sports associations, residents and guests of the city.

The master classes in gymnastics, yoga, martial arts were organized for sports enthusiasts. Competitions in game sports, walking, as well as a bike ride and demonstrations of athletes took place.

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The opening ceremony, as well as three-day competitions in football, chess, cycling and arm wrestling were organized in Artsakh, from August 09, sports competitions will continue in the sister city of Yerevan. An official meeting of the mayors of Yerevan and Artsakh was also held, issues of mutually beneficial cooperation between the capitals, prospects for the implementation of joint programs and projects were discussed. The development of Internet technologies in the industrial sector Three major enterprises in the sister city of Changzhou are in the List of Advanced Demonstration Enterprises Using Internet Technologies.

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Companies use web resources to collect and integrate data, simulate processes and optimize production systems. The list of the best enterprises was determined by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province in order to develop national indicators for the further development of the industrial Internet.

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The hot weather A special regime for water resources consumption was introduced in the city of Beziers due to hot weather and the lack of rain. The residents were urged to consume water rationally and generally, reduce its consumption from TV screens, monitors, and from newspapers pages. A special memos-recommendations were developed and issued.

The city cleaning and beautification activities On July 27, the residents of the sister city of Des Moines had an opportunity to take out and dispose of broken trees, foliage and other natural debris resulting from strong winds for free as part of additional monthly events to the Spring Cleaning Program for the city and beautification. The action was organized for private households.

The introducing of students with the basics of fire safety continuing education The event "I am a little fireman" was organized for children for students in primary and secondary classes of Zhenjiang secondary schools in July this year as part of summer vacations.

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Schoolchildren were able to visit the fire departments of the city, get acquainted with the work of firefighters, used special equipment. Preventive discussions on the basics of fire safety were also held.

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The meeting of the mayor of Yerevan with representatives of the business community On July 31, the mayor of Yerevan officially met with representatives of the Swiss business community and the Armenian diaspora. The meeting was also attended by the chief architect and heads of structural divisions of the City Hall of the sister city. The ongoing improvement programs, prospects for urban development policies, as well as new investment projects were discussed. The youth delegation of the Macau administrative region A delegation of Macau youth representatives led by the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Special Administrative Region visited the city of Changzhou as part of the events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, as well as the 20th anniversary of the accession of the Macau Special Administrative Region to the PRC.

The prospects for further cooperation in the field of economics, education, culture and tourism were discussed during the visit. The delegation also got acquainted with the work of the Jiangsu and Macao Provincial Cooperation Park, the cultural and historical heritage of the sister city. The event is organized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria. About creative teams and solo performers, including representatives of the sister-city of Pazardzhik will take part in the festival. Winners will be determined by a competent jury.

The work of the city market A market, presented the products of more than 25 local manufacturers, works weekly, on Wednesdays, in the city of Beziers. The visitors of the market can buy fresh seafood, sausages and smoked meat, poultry, cheeses, herbs, olive oil and olives, pastries, natural marmalade and honey. There is also a wide range of cosmetics, home textiles, leather goods, items of clothing made by local craftsmen.

The free bikes for schoolchildren The Police Department, the Cyclists Association and the Association of Parks and Recreation Centers of the Des Moines organized a joint campaign on providing free bikes for schoolchildren. Students aged years will be able to use 75 bicycles in order to go home during the lunchtime and return to school. Police officers will also conduct safety briefings for beginner cyclists. Blood donation In order to necessity to replenish the blood bank due to a significant increase in the daily temperature in the sister city of Zhenjiang, an event on voluntary blood donation was organized.

About representatives of government organizations became donors. The campaign was held at no cost. During the meeting, an exchange of views on the ongoing and planned urban improvement programs was held, prospects for the future development of the capital of the republic were discussed. A meeting with the chief architect of Yerevan was held.

The new car model of the company "E20" received two prestigious awards, as the most reliable brand and the best-selling model for new energy sources. Flowers were laid to the monument of the national hero on the square of his name, which was attended by representatives of local and regional authorities, public organizations and political parties, as well as residents and guests of the city.