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Translated from the Greek by the Holy Transfiguation Monastery This prayer book provides a more liturgical rule that still works on a personal (individual) level. However, like the Jordanville volume, this book includes excerpts from It is a basic collection of morning, evening, and daily prayers for various occasions.

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That will stand as a myth.


It is then very important to understand your passion, from there it might be simple to get started. Well this will rely entirely on you.

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Ask yourself, what do you love, either to do or to be a part of.? Is there something that brings you joy when you hear about, do or be a part of?

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The answer to that question, might be what we are looking for. The voice of your passion.

MIT World Series: The Passion to Action Summit

There is NO new passion. Find the inspiration. Look into success stories, and necessarily look for unsuccessful stories, from these you will learn that it is not an easy journey. Get motivated, stop over thinking, ask for assistance if possible.

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Most of the time we think about something, calculating and assuming everything in our heads. No lies, challenges are there in your journey. But failure is one of the pushing factors to success. Never back down and never give up my friend because you never know what the future holds. After that you will get stronger, even gold go through fire. To be clear this is where many people fail. When cars were invented, they had no side mirrors. That gives a demonstration that you should start working towards something small then you will develop and becoming big, big trees starts with roots.


My year-old self was: Living in Venezuela with her dad because her mom got a job in another city. Going through a boring private catholic middle-school.

Thinking about boys and wondering what the hell was that all about. Not paying much attention to many things. Working on the computer, watching Netflix, listening to playlists on Spotify AND being on my phone all the time for a long ass time. My story is not the same as yours, but it is as valuable as yours, so I want to share it to give you a new perspective.

I call it a Passion for Action. The letters are dedicated to people who are ready to step up with grace. Like this: Like Loading If you want to ignite others to pass their passion along, you even need more than relevance. You need to be remarkable and passionate too.

Marketers also tend to focus a lot on the connected consumer. However, realize that your best and most influential customers might be not that connected at all.

Passion to Action Survey

It depends, among others, on your business and ecosystem. Furthermore, look at influencers as customers.

A Typical Day in Cairns, Australia

Start by asking what you can do for them. Understand what makes them influential in the first place and what makes them tick. There are many models regarding persuasion and influence, among which that of Robert B. Study them and all the others and understand how you can turn the principles of influence and what everyone in your ecosystem — customers, influencers, other stakeholders — wants, likes and needs, into action. They — in alignment with your business goals — come first.

Next, make sure you live upon your promises towards them.

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