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Translated from the Greek by the Holy Transfiguation Monastery This prayer book provides a more liturgical rule that still works on a personal (individual) level. However, like the Jordanville volume, this book includes excerpts from It is a basic collection of morning, evening, and daily prayers for various occasions.

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She teaches creative writing at UNC Greensboro. The Salt Line is set in an undisclosed future. The U.

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People behind massive walls inside the salt line live a safe and comfortable life. Only adrenaline junkies venture beyond the lines into the American wilderness.

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  6. When one group of thrill seekers ventures beyond the line, they find themselves not only facing deadly ticks, but are held captive by a community of outer-zone survivors determined to protect their own existence. I was in Tennessee and spent a lot of time hiking the trails. I was trying to think of a monster that was small in scale and an everyday phenomenon—one that takes you by surprise.

    'The Salt Line,' A Conversation with Holly Goddard Jones | HuffPost

    Ticks seemed like a good choice. The book started out as sort of horror story with four characters going into the woods. But, because I was inexperienced in horror fiction, I began writing in a more literary style. When I started going down that path, I began adding dystopian elements into the story. I really sort of backed into the notion of these ticks having such deadly powers because I was trying to justify the horror element of the novel. Then, the dystopian aspect of the novel took over.

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    I started the novel in , and finished the rough draft in I was influenced by the events in the news at the time, such as the Ebola epidemic and the notion of protective walls, which go back to ancient times. There were discussions in the news about the relationship between Mexico and the U. I was looking at that long before Trump became a serious political candidate and the notion of building a wall became part of the news. In , while revising the novel, Trump became a viable candidate for president. There were already coincidental elements in the book that paralleled things playing out on the national stage, but as I revised the novel, I incorporated more current events into the story. Seeing Trump get the Republican nomination influenced my portrayal of the characters in the book. How did writing this novel compare to or differ from your earlier work? My first book was a collection of short stories with some crime elements. They were somewhat literary with dark themes, but they were handled in a conventual literary way. When I was younger, I read a great deal of genre fiction, but in graduate school, literary fiction was emphasized, so I got away from genre fiction both as a reader and as a writer.

    Goddard Jones…builds a believable world and generates tension effectively. The plot is action-driven, but an ensemble cast of characters keeps the story rooted in human emotions and motivations. Hell, yeah.

    Outwardly an adventure story, this suspenseful novel uses a thrilling premise to examine the fallout of abandoning universal freedoms in order to ensure collective safety. At once dark, disturbing, and highly enjoyable, this is a timely novel bursting with ideas. A character-driven thriller with shocking plot twists, jaw-dropping revelations and splashes of horror, sci-fi and romance And, it must be noted, nearly as well examined and executed.

    The Salt Line is a well-written, literary novel.

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    Making deft use of shifting third-person viewpoints, Jones creates complex and interesting characters These richly drawn characters and the world in which they struggle provide twists and turns that will draw in any reader brave enough to enter a grim and frightening world with killer ticks. It's both gripping and emotionally resonant, both suspenseful and heartfelt.

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    Jones's wild, ventriloquist talent unfurls in this novel like never before. Each magnetic character in The Salt Line is boldly alive to the novel's world, at once monstrous, uncanny, and yet entirely ours.

    How worried are Mormon higher-ups?

    Jones writes with authority and a deep generosity The result is simply mesmerizing.